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Your payday loan service is awesome! The program is honest and friendly. I would never take out a payday loan in another Company in California. Thank you for your help and support.

Henry P.
Westwood, California

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I would recommend your online loan service to all my friends are in need for quick cash. I am very satisfied with my payday loan transaction.

West Hollywood, CA

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I just wanted to say 'thanks' and let you know that you've been very easy to deal with. I have used Los Angeles payday advance stores in the past and yours was much easier and user friendlier.

Los Angeles, CA

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My payday loan was approved very fast and the whole loan process took me only five minutes! Thank you!

Sara L.
Reseda, California

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I would like to let you know just how great your loan representative have been while helping me with my cash advance application. She went out of their way to help me. Thank you!

Loyd C. Jr.
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I will never again take care of my cash needs with anyone but You guys are best in cash advance business on the Net in USA!

Misha R.

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Very friendly people, fast response. American Cash Market gave me the cash I needed fast. Their fees are reasonable. Thanks.

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Hello. I would like to say "thank you" to everyone at American Cash Market. I received the cash advance and was able to pay my bill on time. You guys are great.

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After searching for a payday loan online I've found that your site and compared to other payday loan companies. I was shocked how much higher their fees were compare to American Cash Market. Thanks!

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Fast cash and great customer service. Very good experience. American Cash Market process my payday loan on Sunday when everybody else was close.

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Low fees and fast service made it easy to get payday loan. I would definitely recommend American Cash Market to anyone.

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This was a first time I've ever taken the payday loan. It was so easy. You guys are great! Thank you.

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Short Term Loans Online

They are very understandable and carrying with our problems. American Cash Market has a nice, clean and great looking store.

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It was fast and good customer service.

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American Cash Market gives out good business. Thanks!

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Quick and easy application. American Cash Market really makes the difference in customer service. Very professional job, thank you guys.

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When I visited San Francisco I spent all my money and cash advance from Americancashmarket came right on time! It took less than 20 minutes and cash advance was deposited into my Bank of America account. Great service! Thanks.

San Francisco, CA

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I don't know any better payday loan company in San Diego area who offer the same quality service as Americancashmarket. My payday loan was approved in minutes and I've got the cash very next day.

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Very reasonable fee for the service I've received. Thanks for the cash advance I got in Sacramento within half an hour! I will tell about this cash advance service to all my friends in Sacramento and Oakland.

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Pay day loan was the only option when I needed an emergency cash in Oakland. Thanks to the manager Kathy, pay day loan was approved fast without any faxing.

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I didn't know where to go to get cash advance during the weekend in Los Angeles, but Americancashmarket employee helped me to get my money on Sunday morning in their West Los Angeles branch. Thanks to everybody for the best cash advance service I've ever experienced.

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Payday loans is really smart financial solution to prevent banks overdraw fee! I saved a lot of money with payday loans from American Cash Market. Thanks for the help, I will definitely use your company if I need an emergency cash again.

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Your payday advance service is the best one available! Your customer service department is always ready to help and I always have my cash in the bank account within one hour, just like you say you will, without ever moving from my desk in Lancaster. I think that is awesome! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the cash advance that you provided me. I appreciate the promptness and the courtesy of your staff with providing me with the cash advance that I so desperately needed. If I need a cash advance again in the future, your company will be the first on my list. Thanks again for everything!

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To Erica who handled my account, this is just a quick note to thank you for your fast, PRO and courteous response. Within an hour I got the cash advance deposited in to my checking account. What a fantastic way to do business in California. Once again, you're on my favorites list.

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You guys really helped me with paying my bills on time. With online payday loan I was able to avoid credit card late fees. I suggest this service to all my friends.

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Thanks to your fast payday loan, I was able to pay my doctors bill on time. It was easy and fast to take out a payday loan from your company. Thanks!

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Being able to apply for online payday loans without having to fax anything was a great help when I needed money fast and couldn't leave my work place. Cash was deposited into my checking account in minutes!

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I will tell everyone about your pay day loan service. I got the money within one hour in your West LA branch. Thanks for the best pay day loan!

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Just wanted to say thanks. I have done cash advance before and found online service is so much easier. Everyone that I have had to speak in your company have always been very helpful and friendly!

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Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful payday loan customer service. The loan dept rep. was prompt and wonderful. Thank you for your help. Cash came on time!


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I have very good credit, but do not want to use my credit cards. With your online cash advance service, if I get in a pinch, or need some extra funds, your online cash advance have always come within one hour. I then pay you back in 14 days. It feels good to have a debt paid quickly, and not get in the trap of credit card debt - "oh, I will pay it back next month, and so forth". Again, thank you for your online cash advance.

San Francisco

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Everyone has been courteous to me at your payday loan company. The fast friendly and convenient service has been offered to me from the very beginning.

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I appreciate and being able to apply for payday loans online from the comfort of my home computer.

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I just wanted to say thank you to your online services that made it fast and easy for me to get a quick payday loan!

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This is my first time dealing with your payday loan company and I am very pleased with the service I've got. I will refer your company to all my friends if there is a need because I strongly feel that you are the best.

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These payday loans saved me much time! I would have had return checks and bank fees at my account. Thank you guys for coming to the rescue!

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I have to confess that I was hesitant about getting online payday loans, but this is amazing experience!

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I just wanted to thank you all for your online payday cash advance services that made it quick and convenient for me to get cash. Thank you again!

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It was my first online payday loan. It discovered that you could make all process without any documents to fax. All the process is done within one hour!

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I appreciate your understanding and the quick cash loan you gave me when I had financial emergency.

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The payday loan came in less than one hour in the time of financial need after I filled out a simple application form. Thanks to everybody in the

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There are no any better payday loans company in Sacramento area who offers better service than - my payday loans were approved within one hour and I've got the cash fast.


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I will be telling all my friends about your company payday loans service. I will definitely be using American Cash Market when I need quick cash. Thanks.

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Thanks for the fast payday loan I received in my checking account. I was totally surprised that the money was in my checking account in one hour. Thanks again!

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My coworker turned me on to your website and I was able use my payday loan to pay medical bill on time... I got my payday loan in minutes!

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Several times I have taken payday loans from different companies. I think that your customer service is the best! Payday loans came when I needed cash the most.

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Thanks guys for the best payday advance service in Los Angeles!

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Thank you for being so helpful with getting fast cash loan. With the fast payday loan I received I was able to pay my credit card bill on time and not have to worry about late fees.

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